Baby Jane.........

 My wildlife companion who teaches me daily to pay attention because the universe is always knocking on your door with millions of wonderful gifts. All you really need to do is acknowledge and have gratitude for them and there are a million more just as fantastic waiting to emerge. You only need to be in the moment to receive them.   


Just Jack............

 If you look up the word "curious" in the dictionary, you just might see Just Jack's picture there. He teaches me 24/7 to live life to it's fullest and explore every curiosity in life without fear..... and always check twice you might be surprise at what you missed.


One of the many amazing gifts I have received from the Universe. This delightful little guy has taught me that the universe will always give you what you need to survive and will bring it to you in the most colorful ways.

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Gratitude: That quality which the Canine Mongrel seldom lacks; which the Human Mongrel seldom possesses!

Lion P.S. Rees