Darlene is called a wildlife intuitive. A name that was coined as she helps individuals connect to their intuitive guidance by connecting them to their animal totem guides. She attended Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts and spent over twenty years working in biopharm before leaving it all to answer a call to work full-time following her true nature working with nature. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Parapsychology, the scientific study of events that cannot be explained by what scientist know about the nature and the world. Through her classes and workshops Darlene is widely known for teaching people how to tap into their intuition and connect to the unseen realms through animals and nature. She enjoys assisting those on the their spiritual path and souls journey to trust the messages they receive from the nature of the universe. As a visual artist she can be seen around town photographing animals and nature that she uses as illustrations for the personal animal totems she creates for her students and clients that complete the journey of uncovering their animal totem. For information on having Darlene creates an image of your personal animal totem visit the gallery to see examples of personal animal totems.


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi